Adaptive Nutrient Management Community

The Adaptive Nutrient Management Community is an ASA Community within the Agronomic Production Systems Section.

The agricultural community needs to improve the efficiency of nutrient management for food and feed production for both economic and environmental reasons. Improving efficiency will require more than new technology. It will require a different approach to nutrient management: the use of adaptive management concepts and processes. 

Adaptive management has the potential to rapidly accelerate improvements in nutrient management through the documentation of the most efficient management practices by farmers working with extension educators, consultants, scientists and environmental groups. 

The process of developing and implementing an adaptive management program in a state or area within a state is not well defined.  Our group will continue to develop the process of adaptive management for nutrient management in cooperation with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) as a community in ASA. NRCS is in the process of changing their National Conservation Practice Standard Code 590 Nutrient Management to encourage adaptive management in nutrient management plans.

Our community will educate agricultural service providers, scientists, state and federal agencies, and environmental and grower organizations about the benefits of adaptive management.  We also will continue to develop and define the process and tools of adaptive management for nutrient management and publish journal articles, fact sheets, and popular press articles to improve understanding and use of adaptive management.

Our community has four main objectives:

1. Develop procedures to use adaptive management to improve the efficiency of nutrient use in agriculture, especially nitrogen use in corn production.

2. Develop and define the concepts of adaptive management so they can be incorporated into nutrient management planning standards and processes, such as the USDA NRCS Conservation Practice Standard 590 for nutrient management (national and state versions), EPA and state agency nutrient management regulatory programs, Conservation Districts' nutrient management programs, and other agency-guided nutrient planning.

3. Educate extension, NRCS, state agency personnel, agricultural service providers, and growers in the US about how adaptive management can be used to improve the efficiency of nutrient use for economic and environmental benefits.

4. Develop a communications infrastructure to facilitate professional interaction and dissemination of information.


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