Education and Extension Section

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The following Communities are currently served by the Education and Extension Section:

Advancing Agronomy via Public-Private Collaboration
Extension Education
K-12 Outreach and Activities
Social Media in Education/Extension
Undergraduate Education


The ASA Education and Extension Section serves as the coordinating body for the multiple education and outreach activities within ASA, as driven by the Communities.  for In the new ASA governance structure adopted in 2010, the Education and Extension Section replaces Divisions A-1 (Resident Education) and A-4 (Extension Education).  Sections are the unifying organizational framework for Community activities. The primary purpose of Sections and Communities will be to better assemble members of common interest, facilitate planning, communication, and coordination of programs and services.

extension field tour

Most programs and service activities will be initiated within Communities, with Sections providing  more of a coordinating management role.  The broad areas of Sections will also provide a governance voice for the Society, with the seven Sections represented on the ASA Board.